All About Us

yayWho are we?

We are the Classic Steppers and we are currently competing in the DYCD Step It Up competion. Tthe Step It Up competition allows dance and step teams from across the city to show case their on-stage talents and raise awareness in their communities through youth-led anti-violence campaigns. The competition began in December with more than 80 teams and 1,000 participants. We have made it to the final round and will going to the world famous Apollo Theater for the final showcase.

 What is out anti-violence cause/mission?


We are stepping against gang violence. Our mission is to raise awareness through out New York City. We want to make people awareof the real damage that gang violence is having on our communities.All of us live in the south Bronx, more specifically in the Melrose community and gang violence is a very big problem. Many people believe that we are too young to be talking about this topic, that we know nothing about gang violence. But the reality is that we have to live in these communities, we have to grow up here. What kind of future can we have if our communities are being torn apart and children are losing their lives? We see it in our older brothers and sisters that contemplate joining gangs because those are their only choices. We are here to tell them and tell you that you have choices, and one of them is to join an after school program, a step team, a dance team, get involved. We are the future, and we need to start a revolution, together we can achieve more. We are responsible for ours communities, we must get out there are educate our peers.

#SteppingAgainstGangViolence Statistics

IMG_3041Did You Know?

49% of all gang members are latino

35% are African Americans

9% Are White

7% Other

The recruits generally range in age from 10 to 24 years old, but they are getting younger.

What Type Of Community Service Project Did We Complete?

We facilitated one hour workshops(30 Minute Skit/Talking and 30 Minute teaching participants our steps for different programs around NYC. Our main objective was to show people that their voices matter. We wanted to show people that we need to take a stand, that there are other things that they can be doing besides hanging out on the street.


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