Meet The Brain!!!!

FullSizeRenderName: Jose Ruben Lopez JR but my team mates call me “The Brain”

Age: 12

Why Did You Join The Classic Steppers? I joined the classic steppers because I thought it would be fun and I wanted to carry on my sisters ways by stepping because she steps.

What Was Your Favorite Workshop? I liked the PS 33 workshop because the kids were actually excited to learn the steps and they were so happy that they knewn a step.

How Does It Feel Being A Part Of This Competition? Being in this competition makes me feel good and  the  best part is that we are not only having fun but making a change in our community.

What Was Your Biggest Challange During This Competition? The biggest challenge was people under estimating us because of our size/age.

What Is Your Favorite Memory Of This Competition? My favorite memory would have to be when we found out that we moved on to Round 2 and how everyone was so proud of us and that feeling was awesome.

What Did You Gain From Completing Your Commuinity Service Project? What I gained from completing this community service project is my self confident when talking to people.

What Motivates You To Be A Part Of This Competition? What motivates me is that at first i want to win but things changed and one of my friends cousin died of gang violence and i’m doing this to honor his cousin and anyone else who lost a love one due to gang violence.

Favorite Snack? Ice cream cake with oreos

Favorite Memory? The first time my mom took me to rye playland.

Favorite Movie? Transformers 1,2,3 and 4

Step Team Member That You Look Up To? Why? I look up to Daniel because he is a good dancer and he is a very enthusiastic stepper.

What have you learned about yourself?  I learned that I can actually talk to people and that im a very strong stepper.


One thought on “Meet The Brain!!!!

  1. Thanks jose for say that u really look up to me and right now I feel so good and chue already kno #steppingagainstgangviolence and always keep your head up bro keep doing yo thang never stop and keep going hard bro


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